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through the penis, often resulting in the prey character being lodged into the testicles, or being the recipient of such actions. Marsupials Kangaroos, koala, possums, wombats etc. Spanking The act of striking the buttocks of another character, or being the recipient of such; often as a form of erotic foreplay or as punishment in a bdsm setting. Hair Pulling The act of pulling or tugging on another character's hair, or being the recipient of such. Fat Play Play that revolves around a character's body fat in one form or another. Creampie The act of orgasming into or onto an exposed, often gaping, orifice, or receiving such actions. Cum Marking The act of cumming onto a bottom or submissive with the intent for the scent or sight of the cum to work as a proprietary mark, sometimes for extended or permanent periods of time, or receiving such actions.

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Speech Restrictions The act of giving or receiving commands, typically verbal, that limit the way in which another character is permitted to speak or otherwise make noise from one's mouth; typically used in a bdsm context to constrain the submissive. Kissing Expresses an interest in kissing or being kissed by another character, typically denoting French kissing. May also include fluids being pumped into one end and coming out the other. Pregnancy Engaging in an RP in which at least one character is pregnant, and / or includes themes of pregnancy. May include sexual interactions, but not necessarily. Equines Horses, donkeys, mules, zebra, centauri etc. Desi Punjabi Lund Show. Posted on By porno sweden real esckort 0 comments Amator Naket Eskort Globen Ebbebo Svensk Porr Hd Hariga Fittor Skärmarbo Knulla I Skovde. Aftercare Comforting care and maintenance carried out between two characters after a particularly rigorous experience, such as after bdsm scenes or heavy / harsh exchanges. tantric massage stockholm free sex tubes

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Corruption Refers to the loss of morality, characterized by a character starting pure and then becoming depraved in some way, typically ending with them being evil, slutty, or some combination of the two. Escort i goteborg thaimassage mjölby, mogen svensk porr helt gratis dejtingsidor. Anatomically Correct Expresses an interest in characters that have realistic and average body proportions. Polyamory The practice of carrying out intimate relationships with more than one partner, with the knowledge and consent of all involved partners. Dating Engaging in an RP where characters go on a date. Age Progression Scenes in which a character's age progresses, often focusing on their physical development but may incorporate mental aspects. Flexibility / Contortionism Exceptional or unrealistic flexibility, typically used to achieve extremely difficult or impossible sexual porr på svenska svensk porr tube positions to derive maximum stimulation. Bastu Malmö escort ladies escort dalarna escort. Uppity Expresses an interest in engaging in an RP in which the submissive and / or bottom character is combative and disobedient in any number of ways. Rodents / Murines Rats, mice, chipmunks, squirrels, etc. Chubby Expresses an interest in characters that are well-rounded and pudgy, with a little more extra weight than average but not necessarily fat. Always fresh and in good quality. Alternative Pregnancy Pregnancy that takes place in areas of the body other than the womb through vaginal means, such as the breasts, balls, limbs, tail, and. Roleplay within RP Expresses an interest in two or more characters taking on roles within an RP and acting out a predetermined scene with predetermined characters. Breast Growth A situation in which at least one character's breasts grow in size, typically to fantastical proportions, by any means, including but not limited to magical or chemical. Denotes an expressed preference and / or strong feelings of love, sexual attraction, and / or commitment to certain items or structures of a character's fixation. Tooth Removal Expresses an interest in play that involves tooth removal. Tends to include rather infantile themes and aspects. Castration An action where the testicles (or ovaries) are removed or disabled, whether by surgical, chemical or magical means. Navel Play Engaging in sexual acts involving pleasure derived from a character's bellybutton; often refers to licking or tonguing of the navel. Immobilization (Bondage) Engaging in an RP in which at least one character will be physically immobilized, typical by heavy bondage or mummification from bdsm, but may be from other methods like entrapment or suppression. tantric massage stockholm free sex tubes